From 1 January 2019, KindeRdam offers the option to swap childcare days. This is a new service and we can imagine you’ve got questions about it. Below is a list of the most important information.

Swap service

1. Is swapping a right?
Swapping childcare days is not a right, and is only allowed to occur incidentally. Most groups are currently very full and this means there are limited opportunities for swapping days. The earlier parents cancel a day, the earlier other parents can fill it using their swap days.

2. Why is there a limit on swapping?
Swapping days is a service and is only possible when other parents cancel a childcare day or if there are unfilled spots in a group. The final decision is in the hands of the staff member at your location.

3. Can I swap days during holidays?
Yes, this is permitted. Taking into account the rules, exchanging is also possible during holidays. The only exception is the Christmas break. This is because you cannot exchange days across calendar years.

4. Can I swap a day in December for a day in January of the new year?
No, the points saved expire at the end of a calendar year.

5. Why will you be working with a points system starting 2019?
Because there are many different opening hours for the same childcare products. A short out-of-school care afternoon starts at 14:45 at one school and at 15:00 at another. The new system means that as a parent, you will receive the same number of points for this product, which is much more fair.

6. Is swapping product-specific?
No, exchanging is not product-specific.

7. Can I swap two short days for one long one?
Yes, this is possible. Only a school closure day cannot be swapped (see also question 13).

8. As a parent, can I use the swap service if I do not make use of the parent portal?
No, unfortunately this is not possible. It is necessary to use the parent portal if you wish to make use of the swap service.

Points system

9. Can I request more swap days than the maximum number permitted?
No, unfortunately this is not possible. Requesting an incidental childcare day is always possible, of course.


10. What should I do if I want to cancel a childcare day?
Cancellations must be submitted via the parent portal. This is important, as it is how you accumulate your points balance. Requesting a swap day still has to be done via the group staff members. This will change during the course of 2019.

Requesting a swap day

11. How do I know, as a parent, whether there is room for swapping?
A request for a swap day still has to be done via a group staff member. This will change during the course of 2019. Then, you will be able to see whether there is availability to swap in the parent app. The approval for the exchange will always go via the staff member.

12. Can parents submit swap days into the portal by themselves?
No this is not possible yet. From 2 January, staff members at your location will process the requests and approve them. This will change during the course of 2019. From then on, you will be able to make a request via the portal.

13. Can I swap a school closure day?
Exchanging from and to a school closure day is not possible, as this is not a fixed product. For instance, some schools finish earlier on 5 Dec (or another special day) than others. So, exchanging is only possible with fixed products.
Parent Portal

14. As a parent, where can I see how much credit I have accumulated?
This is listed in the parent portal overview.

15. Why can I only swap via the parent portal?
Because we feel it is important that team members spend their time with the children, instead of doing administrative activities.

Questions and complaints

16. What can I do if I have a question or a complaint about the swap service?
In this event, you can contact our customer service via Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.. We would like to help you further.